About Advertising on Tabal

Who can Advertise on Tabal?

Anyone can apply to advertise on Tabal, from individuals to large organisations, so long as their promotions don’t go against our advertising rules, which can be found below. You can apply to advertise on Tabal by simply filling out the Advertising on Tabal Application Form.

Advertising Rules

  • Promotional content must not contain any of the following:
    1. Pornography
    2. Criminal activity
    3. Extreme violence
    4. False information
    5. Defamatory content
    6. Propaganda
    7. Any form of discrimination
    8. Extremist content
    9. Religious material
    10. Anything which may be considered immoral by today’s standards.
  • Promotional content requirements:
    1. Advertisements must not include any downloadable files containing anything mentioned under the first dot-point.
    2. Landing pages must not contain anything mentioned under the first dot-point.
    3. Landing pages are not to be modified in any way until Tabal’s admin is notified and has approved of the changes to be made.
    4. Advertisements must have a maximum size ratio of 4:1 or similar
    5. Advertisements must be high quality
    6. Advertisements must not exceed 100mb

Advertising on Tabal Enquiry

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Your file must not exceed 100 MB