About Tabal


Tabal is an information sharing website which enables people around the world to share and receive information anonymously. Tabal was created to give people around the world a tool for sharing and receiving information without the fear of judgement; or sadly, in some countries, persecution.


Anonymity plays a vital role on information sharing as it allows people to be more honest in their approach towards certain subjects, subjects which they normally wouldn’t comment on or even dare share their opinions on in public or on social media platforms due to the fear of them being targeted by opposing groups or individuals.


Tabal users are not required to create an account in order to submit posts or comments, in fact, we discourage our users from sharing their personal information when submitting posts. We do however encourage our users to use a VPN for extra security should they ever need to post highly sensitive or even mildly sensitive information, especially if their submitted information involves any third parties who may want to cause them harm.

User Behaviour

Tabal’s admin does not and will never condone or tolerate any form of criminal or immoral activity on this website. Whilst Tabal isn’t necessarily a politically correct place, users are still expected to treat each other with respect. Extremely bad user behaviour will lead to an IP ban.