Should Exist? is infamous for its gory content, and by gory content, we mean legitimate blood and guts, torture, murder, accidents, suicides, executions, the list goes on. Although Bestgore is unknown to many, those who do know about it either stay away from it, try to get it banned or are addicted to it.

According to a study conducted on human psychology, almost everyone has a tendency to be attracted to such gory content. Scientists call it morbid-curiosity, self-righteous individuals call it immorality.

Unfortunately or fortunately, much of Bestgore’s old contents have been blocked by Google, however the website receives fresh, daily uploads by its admins. Everyday, its followers submit controversial videos, photos and information to Bestgore’s admins to post on the website. These posts are then viewed by thousands of people around the world, which leads us to question: Should really exist when its contents are being viewed by potentially dangerous individuals? Wouldn’t that drive such individuals to commit the things they view on the website in real life?

The answers to those questions are rather complex. Whilst it’s true thousands around the world see the posts on Bestgore, it wouldn’t necessarily drive people to commit violent crimes, in fact, blaming violent crimes on websites would be equivalent to blaming knives in stabbing incidents. It’s not the knife that hurt the other individual but the knife wielder themselves.

Should Bestgore be banned? I would say no. Bestgore provides the internet with REAL uncensored news plus it’s not like people are forced to visit the website. In conclusion, I think Bestgore is a must-have for the internet as it provides the world with content they normally wouldn’t get to witness on the internet or in real life.